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How a good image helps to position your business

Building a positive image is undeniably the basic step for any business venture. A sound and coherent corporate identity, consistent with the values the company wishes to transmit, means better recognition within a large and complex market.
Once a business has managed to be identified by its public, it then has to work hard at moving upward in the consumers’ minds. The variety of commercial spaces the brand uses must also communicate its values and in order to do so, particular attention will be given to the image of its establishments/premises. If the company attends a trade fair in its sector, the special care with which its stand is designed has to express the marketing strategy the company is using at that concrete moment.

Any space is a lot more than just what we see. A commercial space is understood to mean a place where the consumer will live a unique buying experience. That is why we focus on aspects of lighting and furniture design which sharpen and attract customers’ senses.

Over the past few years, aroma is yet another factor which companies have been using when it comes to selling. The idea is to seduce customers by stimulating their senses, and fragrances in the point of sale really work. Some brands even have their own corporate fragrance designed, though we must take into account that poor-quality design never pays off.

The choice of decorative elements and images is the last step in the process of unifying and dressing a commercial space. The end customer will notice how products are displayed, so every single factor which contributes to personalising the space not only helps position your brand in the market, but has a direct influence on the consumer, who will end up purchasing your products over those of the competition.

“PIKOLINOS’ New image for its Outlet in Las Rozas (Spain)

The latest trend for brands is getting closer to the customer and to achieve this, they study their behaviour and focus on their needs and tastes. The objective is to be different and offer the customer added value. Actions taken by many brands aim to surprise and please the consumer.

According to statistics, shoppers spend more time in a store or business with an attractive interior design. Let’s not forget that a positive first impression is decisive. A ‘sexy’ window display is as important as a leading-edge stand design at a trade fair – both will draw in more customers.

‘CONGUITOS’ Children’s Clothing Store in Elche (Spain)

For a space to work well it is essential to have a clear picture of what needs to be communicated and to define a store concept that talks about the brand. Would it be better to go with a timeless design or opt for the latest trend? We know for certain that consumers enjoy new experiences and feel attracted by change, as the space in itself is a sensorial experience they will want to come back to every time they wish to shop. There are all sorts of opinions on the subject, although what matters most is asking our customers how they feel. After all, they are the ones who buy and what everyone else thinks is not that important.

A space with personality is a space that convinces. The client needs to know we are working both for and with them. Making sure the client finds what they need means they will come back to us.


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