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A made – to – measure suit

You are not ‘just another company’, so we recommend you feature in the fair / convention / show with a made-to-measure stand, a unique and exclusive stand which will best express the values of your brand. Place your trust in a company with great experience in the sector. Your stand and its design will depend on the type of event you attend, as well as the impact you must – or wish to – give your business.

There are all types of stand, made with materials of varying qualities, shapes, sizes and so on… What is most important is to know where one is going and how best to ‘dress for the occasion’. At STUDIO 17, our production plant is at your disposal to meticulously prepare and build your stand of choice. We understand what taking on a challenge means and work hard to offer caring service of the highest standard.

A stand represents the brand and has to convey ‘who I am, what I have to offer and what I am looking for’. Before starting to think ‘what type of stand do I need’, it is crucial to decide which type of trade fair to attend. That depends on the reach and the expansion I want for my company and whether a local, regional, national or international fair best meets those ambitions.

After a first meeting with the client, during which we evaluate their needs and define dates and delivery deadlines, our Project Manager passes on the brief to our designers and interior decorators, who produce a proposal which brings together all the previously agreed requirements.

We then project the design in the form of a 3D CAD plan, which we present to the client along with the quotation. Once the client is satisfied, the project goes to our workshops and the space begins to take form. The graphic design and sign-making workshop will then fine-tune the 2D elements of the stand using digitally printed images (on polyester fabric, translucent fabric, rigid PVC or foam board…) with logos and texts printed on vinyl or in raised letters. We choose the most appropriate lighting set-up for the stand, offering halogen, LED, metal halide or other options.

Finally, the moment has come to build on-site at the chosen fair to promote product or service, at which point the stand is delivered to our client. Once the fair is over, our technicians will take care of dismantling the show-space.


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